1:? Mining Guild TIE Fighter build

Conversion of Revell 03605

Sometimes you need to build something fast & simple, just to revive the stagnant workbench. Without diving into references and worrying about the insufficient kit detailing. For pure joy of modelling.


For this purpose I chose small TIE Fighter kit from Revell. Supposedly 1:110 scale, but I really don't think so. A simple snap-kit, previously available with pre-painted elements in "Easy-Kit Pocket" product line.

Build highlights

Few parts, acceptable level of detail- looks like a good kit for stress free out-of-box build.

However I decided to build it with a little twist, revealed by this article title. Therefore first- some cutting.

The kit interior is rather simple and I didn't bother to improve it (fast & easy build after all...). But I slightly modified the pilot figure to better fit the selected theme.

Time to close the fuselage.

Ready for painting. Some putty was necessary around the front window and there were no canons in the box so I made them myself.

Painting prelude.



Details painted with dark grey.

Some tedious masking was necessary to paint the next bit of details.

Side panels painted.

Wash, made with AK-Interactive products. I couldn't find those dedicated to yellow imperial machines so I cheated and used paneliners for aircrafts. Maybe no one will notice...

Weathering in progress.


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