1:72 Panzerspähwagen Kfz 13

First to Fight #PL1939-006

Panzerspähwagen Kfz 13. Unknown Heer unit. Invasion of Poland, September 1939

The kit

Panzerspähwagen (or Maschinengewehr-Kraftwagen) Kfz 13 from Polish First to Fight company is quite a new product for 1:72 scale modelling community. I've written a first look review of this particular "September 1939" series issue earlier, so I think there is no need to repeat it here. If you are interested- check it out (link). There is a few words about the whole series too.

In short- quite simple kit, nicely moulded, with some annoying simplifications. A mixed bag- to bad to build it out-of-box, and simultaneously to good to throw it out. Mediocre I think is the best fitting description. Anyhow I decided to build it, with some, necessary in my opinion, modifications.

The build

Sorry, no on-line build article this time. It will be published in one of the forthcoming issues of "Model Military International".

Finished model

I've build this kit as a miniature of Wehrmacht Heer vehicle lost at Małkinia Górna village in Poland, during September 1939 Campaign. Of course in condition before it was destroyed in encounter with Polish cavalry (9th Regiment of Mounted Rifles to be precise).


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