1:72 Toldi I- Hungarian Light Tank review

IBG Models 72027

38M Toldi was a World War II period Hungarian light tank, based on Swedish Stridsvagn L-60 (Landssverk L-60). As far as I know there were no injection moulded kits of this type available in 1:72 until now. IBG from Poland just recently released two miniatures of Toldi I and II in this scale. Are these any good? Let's check it out. Well, at least the first one.

First look

Model is packed in typical IBG top-opening box with a nice looking box-art. As you can see, I have the "Toldi I" kit with a nice palindrome catalog number 72027. You can also buy "Toldi II" boxing (#72028) which simultaneously hit the stores, and if you wait- there will be "Toldi IIa" and "Toldi III" released as well.

Inside the box there are four light gray injection molded sprues, small decal sheet and instruction. That last one, with nice and clear assembly drawings, can be also downloaded from IBG Models website (PDF 2.8MB).

Plastic parts are nicely moulded without any sink marks and with almost no flash. Bunch of raised and recessed details contribute as well to the good first impression. First sprue, marked "A", contains elements of the hull. "B" (which is doubled)- wheels and tracks. "C" and "D" are joined together. First contains turret parts, the latter- elements characteristic for Toldi I type.

In details

Let's take a closer look at some parts. First- hull, with nice raised and recessed details, driver's hatch moulded separately. Looks nice, even the side vents are marked.

Equipment carried on tank fenders (e.g. tools) was moulded separately. Which probably made as many modellers glad as disappointed.

Turret. With top and side details. Plus, again, hatch moulded separately. Also rather fragile barrels. I'm not aware of any metal aftermarket available, so that may be the tricky part.

Nicely detailed main wheels, front drive wheels, idlers and return rollers. Link and length type tracks, which I personally prefer.

Toldi I and II weren't very different visually (only the front hull plate was changed), so there are only a few elements needed to represent the first version.


Nicely printed by well-known Techmod. Only one option, for three-coloured camouflaged vehicle (but not the one depicted on the box-art). Painting instruction lists colors from Vallejo Model Color, AK Interactive and Pactra pallets.

Yea or nay?

In my opinion, newest proposition from IBG Models is really nice. Little Toldi certainly looks better than earlier 1:72 kits from that manufacturer and those weren't awful also. I have almost no knowledge about Hungarian WW2 armor, so maybe there are some "unforgivable" faults (like in basically every kit ever produced), I don't know. It looks like a fun to build and that's enough for me. At least considering this topic. But that is only my opinion.