1:72 PZL 42- Polish Light Bomber inbox

IBG Models 72509

Quick look at the recent release from IBG Models- PZL 42 in 1:72 scale. Rather interesting variation based on the PZL 23A kit (released simultaneously), cause there was only one prototype of such machine ever produced. Let's check it out (spoiler: it's a nice kit).

The Box

Model is packed in typical for IBG top-opening box with a really nice illustration drawn by Arkadiusz Wróbel.

Inside- plastic sprues, decals, instruction and a small PE set. As you may know IBG recently started to put metal parts into afv kits and continue this trend with aircraft models too.

Its content

All of the plastic sprues. Really nicely moulded, with fine details and panel lines.

Instruction manual. Available as PDF at IBG Models website.

Decals. PZL 42 didn't have to many markings applied so the sheet is rather small. Nicely printed, but the instrument panel in my opinion doesn't look that good.

PE set. Small, but nice. However it's kinda dissapointing that there are no seatbelts or instrument/radio panels on the sheet.

Sprue A. Wings, engine and other stuff.

Sprue B. With fuselage (slightly different than one in the PZL 23A boxing!) and bunch of details.

Sprue J. Elements characteristic for the PZL 42 prototype.

Sprues F, H and M. Plethora of landing gear covers.

Transparencies. Good quality, with no serious flaws. That being said- the plastic could be a bit more clear and even.

In details


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